Julio Cortez
Full Name:

Julio Cortez


Drug Lord

Place of Birth:


Known Relatives:
  • Blanca (wife)
  • Ernesto (son)

Julio Cortez is a Columbian drug lord known to kill American agents with impunity.

Things Fall Apart

After the forced retirement of Neville Alcott from MI-6, Bloodshot was “loaned” out to the U.S. Military under the command of General Edward Cartwright. Dropped in Columbia, Bloodshot walked into Cortez’s hacienda unaware that men working for Charles Mirren had set up an ambush. Fighting his way to Cortez, Bloodshot was stunned to discover that he had Mirren’s nanite tracker and had purchased a data disc that contained all of his memories as Angelo Mortalli.

When Jillian Alcott burst into the room to warn Bloodshot, Cortez shot her twice in the chest and then electrocuted Bloodshot with ten thousand volts of electricity that incapacitated him. Locked in a dungeon in the basement of Cortez’s hacienda, Jillian risked bleeding to death if she did not receive medical attention. Aware that she was soon to die, Jillian confessed her love for Bloodshot, who gave her an emergency transfusion of his blood to save her life.

Bloodshot escaped the dungeon and sought Cortez, who took his own wife and son hostage in a bid to escape. Bloodshot revealed that he was under orders to extract Cortez alive, but before he could do so, the nanite tracker revealed a second signal. It was Jillian, who had fully recovered. She shot and killed Cortez and retrieved the disc containing Angelo Mortalli’s memories.

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