June Schnieder
Full Name:

June Schnieder

  • FBI Relocation Program Co-Ordinator


  • FBI
  • Iwatsu Corporation

June Schnieder is an FBI’s Relocation Program Coordinator who supervised the assignment of Angelo Mortalli after he agreed to turn State's evidence against the Mafia.


After Bloodshot recovered his memories as Angelo Mortalli, he saw Schnieder on the television speaking about a chemical spill in Washington State. Schnieder was representing the Amchem Company, a bearded subsidiary of Iwatsu International. Intrigued by the possibility of a connection between the FBI and Iwatsu, Bloodshot journeyed to the site to investigate.

His investigation revealed that Schnieder had been working both sides for years, reporting directly to Hideyoshi Iwatsu himself (Schnieder was unaware that Hideyoshi had perished and that she was actually working for his son, Yoshi Iwatsu). He also discovered that there had been no chemical spill, that Iwatsu was using that as a cover to mine the precious minerals on Native American soil.

Schnieder realized that Bloodshot had uncovered all her secrets and prepared to flee, returning to destroy any records connecting her to Iwatsu. When she arrived at her office, she discovered that Bloodshot had beaten her there and had transferred all Amchem files to the FBI and the Justice Department.

Defeated, Schnieder’s change in heartbeat revealed that she had been who sold out Mortalli. Bloodshot left her to face her final justice at the hands of Bear, a special Speedshot that Schnieder had been controlling all along. Both Schnieder and Bear presumably died in the blaze that devoured Amchem’s facility.

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