Kenny Mayo
Kenny Mayo
Full Name:

Kenny Mayo



The same night that Terry Smalls became President of REACH, a non-profit political action group, Bob Schwartz became Mayor of New York City, and Wayne Smalls died in Los Angeles, Tammy Fischer, a 19-year-old hooker, was found dead in an alley off Bleecker Street. Kenny Mayo, Tammy’s pimp, was convicted of her murder.

Exactly six years later, Woodrow Van Chelton, while inhabiting the body of Eric Henderson, invaded an up-state New York correctional facility to kill Kenny. Woody (in Eric’s body) suffered a heart attack, allowing Kenny the pimp to escape custody.

Kenny assumed Woody (in Eric’s body) was a part of a crew lead by Elijah Book, and, figuring he was a dead man anyway, tried to find a way to blow the whistle on Book and expose Tammy’s connection to Mayor Bob.

He never got the chance. Less than 48 hours later, Kenny the pimp was ground up among the gravel of the Sheepshead Bay subway extension.

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