King Agannon
Full Name:

King Agannon


King of the Skammers



When the Skammers arrive on Earth in 1987, they discover that the Bionosaurs Mothergod created in the Lost Land followed them there. As the Skammers lack a leader and weapons to protect themselves with, Agannon keeps them alive and helps them grow in number. Over the years, Agannon immerses himself in the mystic arts, certain that his destiny is one blessed with power and that the Heaves have chosen him.

During the Chaos Effect, as the skies rage with fantastical storms, the power comes to Agannon, who feels it cursing through his veins and knows that the time for his ascension as supreme ruler has come.

Seeing the arrival of Aric Dacia in Peru as a sign from the Gods, Agannon interprets his presence to mean that the Manowar Class Armor is his, and demands that Aric tell him how it works. During a fierce battle between Aric and the reanimated carcasses of animals, Agannon escapes carried away on the beaks of reanimated vultures.

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