Ladakh, Tibet

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Key Structures:
  • La-Chen Monastery (12th Century)
  • Temple of Lamayuru (20th Century)
  • Temple of Archer (41st Century)
  • Monks (20th Century)
  • Archies (41st Century)

The Tibetan province of Ladakh is one of the most amazing locales in the world and the site of many of the most remarkable events in history.

The 12th Century

Tashi Khatun

In the 12th Century, the La-Chen monastery was home to Tashi Khatun, a Geomancer who wrote the Book of Geomancer, a journal that contained the history, lore, and secrets of Geomancy, after he discovered that he was going to die before he could pass his mantle to a successor.

After Tashi died, the book remained in the monastery until Gilad Anni-Padda, the Eternal Warrior, retrieved it for safekeeping, and, ever since then, he has protected it throughout the centuries.

The 20th Century

Obadiah Archer & Hwen Mirage

Ladkh Monastery2

Temple of Lamayuru in Ladakh

In 1984, Obadiah Archer, the son of two corrupt ministers, made his way to Ladakh after he escaped his parents’ attempt on his life. Soon, Obadiah became the finest martial artist and marksman ever trained at the monastery due to his harbinger abilities, which gave him uncanny powers of perception and coordination.

In 1992, however, the monks asked Archer to leave the monastery because of his inability to master his rage.

A year later, Master Darque, a necromancer, learned of the existence of Tashi Khatun’s bones at the temple and was determined to steal his remains to take the power for himself. Aware that Tashi died before he performed ritual suicide with the Bagh-Nakh, a blade that stole the souls of those it killed that would have removed the power of Geomancy from his body, Darque arrived in Ladakh and slaughtered the monks.

Before Darque usurped the power in the bones, Hwen Mirage, a paranormal investigator whose life goal was to discover the secrets of necromantic energy, and his wife, Carmen Ruiz, interrupted him. In the necromantic struggle that followed, Darque rendered Hwen intangible.

The 41st Century

Takao Konishi

In the 41st Century, the Archies, a peace movement that Obadiah Archer and his wife Charlene Dupré founded in the 21st Century, built the Temple of the Prophet Archer in Ladakh.

Takao Konishi trained in the ways of battle in the Temple of Archer before Rokland Tate, the Geomancer of the 41st Century, took him to the remains of Japan, and infused him with the Blood of Heroes that transformed him into the last Rai.

After the Malev War, Takao’s son, Obadiah Konishi, and Takashi Nakadai, the son of Tohru Nakadai, the 42nd Rai, spent their formative years in the temple.