Full Name:

(First Name Unknown) Lafitte






Harbinger ability to sense and manipulate weather patterns

Lafitte is a Harbinger who uses his ability to manipulate weather to destroy the Californian wine vineyards and orange groves at the behest of a group of Frenchmen that want to eliminate the competition for their wines. When Lafitte causes a freak June snowstorm during a display of his powers, he comes to the attention of the Visitor.

After Lafitte creates weather patterns that destroy the vineyards and groves, the Visitor challenges him and he blasts him away with a whirlwind.

When Lafitte goes to collect his final paycheck, he becomes angered when he learns that one of his employers is broke and cannot make her final payment. Just then, the Visitor forcibly removes Lafitte from the scene and, decrying the use of his abilities, removes them forever.

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