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Technological enhancements and armaments

When Juan Caldone, the late 20th Century host of the Immortal Enemy places a 10 million dollar bounty on Bloodshot, he hires the enigmatic mercenaries Laws, Tex, Oyama and Diana to hunt him down and exterminate him. Due to Laws’ propensity to speak very little, those who encounter him have nicknamed him “Boba Fett”.

Laws possesses partly– technologically enhanced strength and agility that leads Bloodshot to suspect that there is more to him than met the eye.

Equipped with a vast array of weapons, Laws' accessories include heat-seeking missiles fired from both of his wrists, a grappling hook fired from his right glove, bombs, missile launchers and automatic weapons, as well as tracer bullets. He also utilizes non-electronic weaponry that Bloodshot cannot interfere with.

After Rampage showed up, he utilized Laws' services to destroy Bloodshot. Aided also by the Harbinger Wisp, Laws was finally defeated in hand-to-hand combat with Bloodshot, who turned him over to MI–6.

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