Leland Paige
Leland Paige
Full Name:

Leland Paige

  • US State Senator (Louisiana)
  • Leader of H.A.T.E.



One of Master Darque’s minions, Leland Paige was the State Senator of Louisiana and the leader of H.A.T.E., a New Age Nazi group that Darque enlisted to kill Jack Boniface and those who dealt directly with him to stop them from removing a virus that prevented Jack from harnessing the Darque power.

After Leland and his Nazis attacked Jack and Anjenetta Grampion, Obadiah Archer, Aram Anni-Padda, and Jack attacked him in his compound while he was on his way to see Darque for his reward. When Aram grabbed Leland by the neck and warned him to stop running for office or else he would knock his head clean off, Leland, speaking out of bravado, accused him of being crazy and told him to let him go since he had no proof against him. Reciprocating in his particular matter, Aram dropped Leland and then tossed the hood of his new car through the window of his house as a warning of what would happen to him. Stunned, Leland watched as Archer, Aram, and Jack walked away from his property.

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