Full Name:

Cheryl (Last Name Unknown)


HARD Corps (Recruits)

As a control liaison for HARD Corps, Cheryl operates the HARD Corps’ Harbinger Powers Database, a bank of computers and other equipment that allow field agents to simulate Harbinger powers.

Cheryl communicates with the field agents through the radio headsets that they all wear, and switches their powers among the various abilities available upon their request.

Cheryl usually operates from the hidden underground HARD Corps facility near Albuquerque, New Mexico known as [[The Ranch|the Ranch], but when the situation demands it, she can monitor and regulate the HARD Corps from other facilities, or even from a mobile command center.

When psi–borg field agents go on separate missions, other control personnel such as Cheryl and Safeguard act as their liaisons in place of Ellen Sartoris.

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