Lisa Trimble
Full Name:

Lisa Trimble






Skilled pilot

After Dr. Augustus Silkowski detonates a neutron bomb on board the Kuru Maru, an Australian cruise ship, Neville Alcott summons Colin King, who had just met a lovely woman that accompanied him back to his hotel room to discuss existentialism and was not thrilled. Neville, in an unusual tactic, told Colin to enjoy his evening and to report the next morning.

When Colin arrived as expected, Neville debriefed him on the fate of the Kuru Maru and then introduced him to Commander Lisa Trimble, a skilled pilot that would assist him on this mission and, coincidently, his romantic conquest from the prior evening.

Lisa proves to be very useful in anticipating Colin’s needs before him, and seemingly always has the proper tool for the task, whether it is a cooler of ice for storing a severed hand or a rocket launcher. The two are able to stop Augustus’ scheme and escape with their lives.

Lisa's current whereabouts remain a mystery.

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