Full Name:

Malcolm (Last name unknown)


Freelance photographer



A man of dubious character, Malcolm is an ally of the Harbinger known as Bloodshot. A tabloid photographer, Malcolm is also a paid source of information on activities of a shadier nature.

Blood of The Machine

After Malcolm informed Bloodshot about an I.N.L.A. plot at Heathrow Airport, he took the photos that made his first exploit known to the press and the world at large.

Bad Blood

Seeking revenge for the death of Lucy Westerna, an INLA agent that Bloodshot killed at Heathrow, other INLA agents kidnapped Malcolm, who they knew had tipped Bloodshot to their activities, and took him to the Friedman Textiles Plant, where they tortured him.

Though Bloodshot staged a rescue attempt, a computer virus weakened him and he had to surrender his weapons. As Bloodshot stood in the sights of the terrorist known as Eric Westenra, Lucy’s brother, Malcolm killed Eric before he could pull the trigger.

Big Trouble In Little Clown Town

While on assignment in Florida, Malcolm captured the exploits of Uzzi The Clown on film, which prompted Bloodshot to investigate. Malcolm tailed along and the two caught up with Uzzi and his adopted family of "carnies" who Grambolli organization strong-armed to sell their property to make room for condominium development. After an intervention by Benito Carboni, Uzzi, fearing capture, took Malcolm hostage at gunpoint, but just before he could shoot him, Malcolm lashed out and knocked him into the swamp, where alligators allegedly ate him.


Vampires In The Village

After Malcolm secured an interview with Joshua, a young man who believed that he was a vampire, he met Michael, the vampire leader, and after he learned the origins of the vampire and witnessed two of them feed on a young woman, he contacted Bloodshot.

When Bloodshot came to rescue Malcolm, he saw as Michael threw him off a balcony and leapt off to save him by absorbing the impact of landing. During a battle with the coven, Malcolm revealed he was a vampire.

Bloodshot teamed up with an enigmatic vampire hunter known as "Frost" who tracked down the vampires. After Frost revealed the vampiric infection was the result of biochemical experiments that were working to increase strength and longevity, he injected Malcolm with the antidote, and he made a complete recovery.

While it was initially believed that the virus was a result of experimentation conducted by Webnet, upon further investigation by The Visitor, it was discovered that Colin King was ultimately responsible for creating the vampire virus and that he employed Frost to track down and eradicate it.