Marion Virgil Peeves
Full Name:

Marion Virgil Peeves



  • Captain
  • Owner Gun Fun Firing Range


Known Relatives:

HARD Corps


See Harbinger Powers Database

A veteran of the Viet Nam War, Marion Virgil Peeves spent a lot of time in Vietnamese and Cambodian prison camps with Aaron Brillstein, Jan Chahosky , and Charles Palmer.

The experience was an embittering one for Marion, and he sometimes acts with prejudice toward people of Asian descent as a result. Marion owns the “Gun Fun”, an indoor range and retail outlet in Denver, Colorado. A member of the initial HARD Corps group, his nickname obviously comes from the numerous battle scars found on his head.

Marion is a firm believer in the “any means necessary” approach to accomplish his team’s goals. Foul-mouthed and hard living, he is not above perpetrating a fraud to get ahead or forward a mission. Marion has an extremely high pain threshold, very little regard for his body, and believes that every scar he bears is beautiful and “tells a story”.

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