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A musician just like Jack Boniface, Marty suffered from an addition to drugs and alcohol that led him to work for Clemenceau, one of Master Darque’s minions. One of the tasks that Clemenceau ordered Marty to perform was help two other men that worked for him to dig out a pile of human remains that were buried in the old St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery. Unbeknownst to Marty, Shadowman followed him to the cemetery in the hopes that he would lead him to his drug pusher. After Devon, the Voodoo museum’s tour guide, startled Marty and the others, Marty ran away while the other two went after Devon. While escaping, Marty ran into Shadowman, who he instantly recognized to be Jack by his voice.

After Shadowman went to help Devon, Marty escaped and delivered the remains to Clemenceau, who paid him for his work with two bags of cocaine.

Sometime later, Marty approached Jack with the discovery of his identity and assumption that, like him, he was on drugs. Under this belief, Marty insisted that Jack contact him whenever he needed a fix, which gave Jack the chance to finally meet Marty’s dealer.

That evening, Marty took Jack to a warehouse where he betrayed him and delivered him into Clemenceau’s hands in exchange for a fix. During the scuffle that ensued between Jack and Master Darque’s followers, Marty ran away.

Later that night, Marty was amongst those who witnessed as Darque brought Clemenceau back from the dead using the remains Marty and the others dug up in the cemetery.

Sometime later, Marty helped Clemenceau kidnap Jack Boniface as he came out of friend Margo’s home and took him to Master Darque’s manor, where Darque asked Marty to die to alleviate Jack’s discomfort over his knowledge of his secret identity. Upon hearing Darque’s command, Marty heard Charlie Parker’s music playing in his head, which shortly exploded.

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