Max Bartolo
Full Name:

Max Bartolo

Known Relatives:

The Carboni Crime Family

Max Bartolo is a cousin of Gino Canelli and Benito Carboni from the part of the family that has no say in the family business, a position that Gino lords over Max and his sons, Tommy and Jimmy.

Sins of The Father

After Gino framed Angelo Mortalli for murder and believed him to be dead, his daughter and Angelo’s fiancée, Diana Canelli, found happiness and love again. Right before her wedding to her new fiancé, Diana started receiving threatening calls. Additionally, someone stole secret files on Gino’s criminal activities. Benito initially thought that Bloodshot was behind the theft and calls, but after he talked to Diana, he realized that Bartolo's sons were behind both.

When Bloodshot became involved, he asked for the files back as a gift to a woman he could not quite remember, but Tommy and Jimmy attacked and forced him to defend himself. After he defeated the Bartolo boys, Bloodshot was surprised when Max Bartolo himself intervened. Max returned the files to Bloodshot and left a message that Benito could have just called him for the files since, after all, they were still family. When Bloodshot relayed Max’s message, Benito mused that he might reach out to his estranged cousin after all.

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