Melissa Duffy
Full Name:

Melissa Duffy


Patient #146210099

Melissa Duffy is an outpatient treated at the Cryerton House facility who meets Bloodshot shortly after his nanites begin to reassert their original Rampage programming.

The Devil Inside

While Bloodshot ponders his situation in Madison Square Park, Melissa sat down next to him and engaged him in conversation. As Melissa spoke, Bloodshot noticed the scars on her wrists and she admitted that she had not been taking her medications for two days. After Melissa refused Bloodshot’s offer of help, she explained her medical situation and returned to Cryerton House.

After Rampage manifested himself and split from him, Bloodshot found himself near Cryerton House, and, after he collapsed in the lobby, a doctor put on an IV drip and admitted him. Afterwards, Melissa waited outside Bloodshot's room until he recovered sufficiently to leave, and after she provided him with food and clothing, she showed him how she escaped from the facility, but before they could leave, Rampage attacked. Weakened and emaciated as he was, Bloodshot was able to overcome Rampage and left with Melissa's help, and after he regained his mass, he separated from her out of concern for her safety.

After he foiled Rampage's initial programming, Bloodshot battled his doppelganger, and when Bloodshot got the upper hand, Rampage revealed that he had taken Melissa hostage and tied her up, suspended over Bloodshot's own sword. When Bloodshot saved the girl, Rampage seized the opportunity to escape.

When Bloodshot encountered Melissa again, he noticed an improvement in her condition, but after another encounter with Rampage, he raced home afraid for her safety. Once there, Bloodshot discovered that Melissa died from an accidental overdose of her medication. After he destroyed Rampage, Bloodshot placed Melissa's ID bracelet on a jade bonsai tree he got from Gilad Anni-Padda over his mantle.

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