Men in Black


Toyo Harada

A species long since rendered unable to reproduce, the Men in Black are alien visitors to the Earth who capture and convert humans into members of their species in order to increase their numbers. The Men in Black are involved in a partnership with Toyo Harada, who they have led to believe he will share in Earth’s rule once they are victorious.

After Major Paul Benson, a former U.S. Air Force pilot, encounters the Men in Black in their Moth Man persona over Area 51 in New Mexico, he becomes obsessed with them and pursues them relentlessly. Eventually, the Men in Black capture and convert Paul, but psychic intervention from the Visitor enables him to retain his personality and memories.

Once Harada discovers the Men in Black’s treachery, he joins forces with the Visitor and the Harbinger to rid the world of their presence, hopefully forever.

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