Michael the Vampire
Full Name:

Michael (Last name unknown)


Statuary shop owner

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Agility
  • Recuperative Ability

Using information that they stole from Colin King, Webnet conducted a series of experiments designed to enhance a human’s healing and recuperative abilities. When one of their test subjects escapes, he infects Michael, who becomes the leader of a pseudo–vampire coven.

Vampires in The Village

After Malcolm, a friend of Bloodshot met Joshua, a member of Michael’s coven, they infected him and turned him into a pseudo–vampire like them.

When Bloodshot tried to track down his friend, he crossed paths with the enigmatic figure known only as "Frost” during battle with the "vampires". Frost told Bloodshot that Ninjak hired him to track down the infection, eliminate all the evidence, and, whenever possible, administer the antidote, after he discovered Webnet’s theft with assistance from the Visitor.

Michael escaped during his final battle with Bloodshot, and whether he remained at large or Frost eventually hunted him down remains unknown.

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