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Domestic Operations Authority Phantom Agent




Domestic Operations Authority

Miller is a Domestic Operations Authority Agent in charge of a phantom precinct in Brooklyn.

The Angel of Death

He strikes like a bolt of lightning. Bones and sinew are ground into powder in his hands. Microscopic machines whisper into his brain and haunt him with memories of an erased past. Once he was Raymond Garrison. Now he is Bloodshot… and he is the walking dead!

Trapped in a labyrinth of conspiracy, Raymond will not skulk in the shadows fingering his way through filling cabinets! He has big guns, searing reflexes, and the indomitable will to learn why the mob has taken his life – and the United States government has stolen his soul.

What he will discover is so terrible that it will affect every man, woman, and child on Earth.

The Pale Horseman

Late one night in a police precinct in Brooklyn, Detective Miller interrogated a cavalcade of bystanders that witnessed an altercation earlier that evening that involved four mobsters and a man with white-chalked skin in a long overcoat who one woman called the Angel of Death.

Witness accounts described how when the man attacked the four men after they came out from a theater in Bensonhurst that was showing the movie Vertigo a shootout ensued and they shot him at least seven times and he did not even notice. A newsvendor who claimed that when the man spoke it was as if his throat was made of gravel and old leather that made his voice sound like if a gravestone could talk, said that when he questioned a man about Angelo Mortalli he told him to ask Michael Pileggi before a car ran him over.

Further statements illustrated how, when the man pursued the car through the Belt Parkway on a stolen Harley, he took a shotgun hit on the chest that did not faze him and then shot the man in the car on the throat while he smiled. Frankie, the sole survivor, claimed that the final shot that his companion fired blew out the man’s front tire and he went through the guardrail into Sheepshead Bay.

While the witnesses waited for him, Miller locked himself in his office with Johnson Keel, a man who claimed to be an FBI Agent that revealed that the precinct was a phantom operation and everyone in it were undercover agents that only pretended to investigate the shooting. While Keel said that he would arrange for the witnesses to suffer heart attacks, muggings, and car accidents over the next three weeks, an agent reported that they had divers in the bay searching for the man’s body, a prospect that Miller found to be optimistic.

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