Mohammed Mekkel
Full Name:

Mohammed Mekkel


Former Intelligence Agent



Mohammed Mekkel is a former intelligence agent who knew Neville Alcott and Jessica Alcott and even attended Jessica's funeral. Mekkel is one a handful of people who knows that Neville tried to bluff Augustus Silkowski and was responsible for Jessica's death. Mekkel eventually gave up intelligence work and traveled to India to study under "the last great fakir of India."

Blood Sacrifice

When Mekkel crossed paths with Emil Sosa, he taught him how to turn his energies inward to heal the injuries he sustained in battle against Shadowman. After Sosa kidnapped Jillian Alcott to hold her hostage in exchange for high-security codes that Neville had in his possession, Mekkel told her the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death.

After Jillian overcame him and kicked him out of a window, Mekkel used the techniques he learned in India and was able to suppress his heartbeat and slow his metabolism to the point that a scan with Bloodshot's nanites reported him to be dead. After Bloodshot and Jillian left, Mekkel came out of his trance with nothing but hate for solace.

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