Nathaniel Prudence
Full Name:

Nathaniel Prudence


Spider Aliens

Sometime in November of 1692 in the British Colony of Massachusetts, Nathaniel Prudence accuses Annabella Hawthorn of performing witchcraft, a charge she denies, and her husband claims Nathaniel made after she rejected his amorous advances. Nathaniel sentences Annabella to burn at the stake, but before he lights the pyre, a Spider Alien Transport Vessel whisks him up into the air and zooms away into space.


Nathaniel Prudence as a Cyborg

While on the ship, the Spider Aliens operate on Nathaniel and turn him into a cyborg. The process drives Nathaniel insane, and he takes to babble in a religious fervor, often confusing the work of the Spider Aliens with the work of the Lord.

In 1994, Nathaniel crosses paths with Livewire, Stronghold, Aric Dacia, Gilad Anni-Padda, Geoff McHenry, and Turok when their investigation into the aliens’ activities takes them to the same location.

When Nathaniel first sees Aric, he recognizes the Manowar Class Armor, which he attributes to the Devil, and attacks him. At the time, the armor is not performing adequately and Aric is unable to fire his ion cannons properly, but, mustering all his will, he pushes the armor into releasing a massive blast that hits Nathaniel and gives him the opportunity to shatter his cybernetic limbs.

When Aric slams Nathaniel against the pods in a chamber, he opens a tube that contains Spider Alien blood and drowns Nathaniel in it. Certain of his victory, Aric walks away to join the others, unaware that behind him Nathaniel’s limbs are twitching.

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