Neopium Den
Neopium Den

Neopium Den




Councilor Isao Seko

The Neopium dens is where the citizens indulge in Neopium, a narcotic that brings them contentment and, with prolonged exposure, sways them to the cause of the Anti-Grannies, an organization who believes that Japan's fate belongs to its people that after Grandmother, the freewill caretaker of Japan, left it in orbit, took over and formed a Humanists council.

While they remain convinced that the decision is theirs, Neopium users die defending the cause.

Ninjatrons, bionically-enhanced androids who sell their services to the highest bidder, protect these dens of inequity.

When Japan fell into the Indian Ocean after the God-like entity called Mothergod pushed it off orbit, the impact destroyed the dens.

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