Neupro Gun

Neupro Gun


The Place of Many Alike




Current Whereabouts Unknown

The Neupro gun is a weapon owned by The Place of Many Alike. A sophisticated, high-tech weapon, the Neupro gun is capable of breaking down low-vibrational matter, such as metal or rock, without harming organic matter. An unintended side effect of the Neupro gun is its ability to interfere with the nanites that course inside Bloodshot.

Double, Double-Cross And Rumble

As part of a plot to take revenge against Angelo Mortalli by the sister of his former high school lover, Evie, the Place of Many Alike gave the Neupro gun to Eddie “Extras”, one of Mortalli’s high school chums, who took it to VanHook High School in upstate New York. Afterwards, Evie’s sister revealed the gun’s location to both Bloodshot and the people he hung out with in high school.


The Neupro Gun blasts through an entire school building

When Eddie used the gun in an attempt to kill Bloodshot, he shattered a statue and revealed Evie’s corpse inside it, where it had laid hidden for years.

During battle with Bloodshot, Sal Carboni, another one of Angelo’s classmates, set the Neupro gun’s power setting to its maximum strength and the feedback electrocuted him.

As the dust settles, the members of The Place of Many Alike reclaimed their dead and wounded, as well as their weapon.