Neville Alcott
Full Name:

Neville Alcott


Head of MI–6 (former)



Place of Birth:

London, England

Known Relatives:


(wife, deceased)

  • MI–5
  • MI–6




Wherever forces are fighting for the cause of good, there is a fair chance they are doing it at the behest of the enigmatic Neville Alcott. Neville works for MI–5, an international intelligence agency headquartered in London, England. While Neville maintains an office in London, MI–5 operates out of a vast complex secreted under London’s Heathrow airport.

A longtime friend of Gilad Anni-Padda, Neville first met him in 1940 when he was a soldier at the battle of Dunkirk. Unaware of the Eternal Warrior’s great strength and durability, Neville risked his life when Gilad appeared to be in danger and lost the use of his legs as a result. Afterward, Gilad befriended his courageous comrade. After Dunkirk, Neville was in a hospital for nearly a year and met Jessica, who was a nurse there. A bit later, British Intelligence recruited Neville.

Alcott Profile

The details of Neville’s career between that time and the last decade of the 20th Century are sketchy, but at some point in Japan he worked with Jonathan King, the father of Colin King, and knew Colin as a boy. Furthermore, an as–yet unrevealed encounter with Augustus Silkowski cost him the life of his wife.

Often working out of London with his daughter Jillian Alcott, Neville frequently enlists the aid of the Eternal Warrior and Bloodshot for covert missions. He also acquired the services of former MI–5 agent Charles Sinclair to act as his field ops commander. To counter the ever–escalating threats to world peace by organizations like Webnet, Neville adds the services of the new Secret Weapons to his arsenal.

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