Olga Petrolka
Full Name:

Olga Petrolka


Sergeant Major

Olga Petrolka is a Sergeant Major in the Soviet Army assigned to guard Ambassador Wolfgang Rokjevich during his stay in Geneva to speak at a peace conference. In the course of performing her duty, Olga meets Bloodshot and becomes his lover.

Divided We Fall

When Olga first met Bloodshot after he successfully saved the Ambassador from an assassin's bullet shortly before they boarded the train to Geneva, she was initially critical of him, but she soon came to respect him and his abilities after he saved the Ambassador from a microphone rigged to electrocute him. After a dinner in which both Bloodshot and Olga served on the security detail, she came to his hotel room and they made love.


After Bloodshot was shot in the head by an assassin's bullet, Olga stayed in the waiting room while the HARD Corps helped him heal from the shot and shrapnel embedded in his brain. When Bloodshot recovered, he walked into the waiting room to discover Olga and Jillian Alcott waiting for him.

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