Other Man
Other Man


Other Man




Able To Create Ectoplasmic Forms Held Together By The Sheer Force of His Own Will

Growing up a frightened little boy afraid to come out of his room, the Other Man discovered that he could materialize his imaginary friends in the form of ectoplasmic playmates. His parents, in their vodka-induced wisdom, however, decided to abandon him in the Harbinger Foundation, where doctors poked, prodded, and conditioned him to the point of insanity. After years of disgust, Other Man escaped and linked-up with others that hated the foundation as much as he did to destroy what they built.

The Other Man is a shape–shifting creature that appears to be made of a substance that resembles ectoplasm. Normal tactics of combat are virtually useless against this creature, as he can reform himself even after suffering considerable damage. He can also use his uncanny abilities to “flow” though small spaces, thus eluding capture. On one occasion, the HARD Corps defeat Other Man by detonating a grenade after sticking it inside his malleable body. Interestingly, the HARD Corps learns that the Other Man attacked Harbinger Foundation installations as well as their own.

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