Mr. Oyama
Full Name:



Mr. Oyama




Skilled martial artist

When Juan Caldone, the late 20th Century host of the Immortal Enemy places a 10 million dollar bounty on Bloodshot, he hires the enigmatic mercenaries Mr. Oyama, Diana, Laws, and Tex to hunt him down and exterminate him.

Wanted: Dead Or Alive!

A skilled martial artist, Oyama overcame Bloodshot, flipped him over his shoulder, and evaded a bullet from his gun that he took with him and promised to return to Bloodshot. After Oyama fashioned the slug into a shuriken, he made good on his word when he hurled it at Bloodshot. While Bloodshot deflected the shuriken with his sword, the outcome of the battle remained in doubt until Diana shot Oyama in the shoulder.

The nerve damage from the shot took Oyama out of the hunt, if not out of the profession.

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