The Asteroid Belt Between Mars and Jupiter (4003-4020)





On September 3rd, 4003, the Starwatcher mothership launched a torpedo at the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter that seeded the asteroid dust with self–replicating Molmach atom–stackers that used the raw material to construct trillions of duplicates of themselves that linked up to the Molmach Seed –– a micro computer that contained the blueprint for the Palisade.

Soon, the cloud of space debris flashed and boiled with the lighting of creation, and after an hour, a definite shape slowly coalesced within the primordial cloud. Like army ants forming a living bridge, the interlocking molmachs traced out the ghostly skeleton of the massive space station, and after they formed the scaffold, they incorporated the remaining asteroid material.

By stacking carbon atoms in the proper configuration, the molmachs built a hull as hard as diamond, while synthetic sapphire lined the heat–sensitive areas, like the shuttle bays. Using alchemy beyond the dreams of the ancients, the Starwatchers transformed the asteroids, and once they completed their task after six hours of work, the atom–stackers left the structure through micro–pores in the hole.

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