Paul Benson
Full Name:

Paul Benson


Air force Major (former)




US Air Force (former)

After four years of service in Japan, Captain Paul Benson transfers to Camp Lejune, where General McFarland promotes him to Major. During the Panama Conflict, Paul valiantly recues some Navy SEALS cut off from the rest of the patrol and receives the silver star and purple heart.

One day, Paul witnesses what he refers to as an alien "Moth Man" while flying over the Nevada desert. Following five appeal hearings, Paul is let go from the Air force, but continues his search for the truth.

Eventually the Men in Black capture Paul and transform him into one of them. After fighting the Visitor, Paul unmasks him at the behest of Toyo Harada and reveals him to be Pete Stanchek.

Paul’s final act is to open a portal to the Men in Black's ship that enables Harada, The Harbinger, and the Visitor to destroy it with their combined Omega Harbinger powers.

In the process of defeating the Men in Black, Paul sacrifices himself.

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