Paul N’Dour
Paul N’Dour
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Paul N’Dour



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The Geomancers’ Line of Succession

Lost Geomancer


Geoff McHenry (as Geomancer)



In 1984, Buck McHenry came to Paul N’Dour and told him that the Earth had chosen him to become the next Geomancer. A well-known spiritualist, Paul agreed and began his training, which taught him to hear the quiet little voices in everything. When the time came to make the final decision to follow as Buck’s successor, however, Paul declined because he wanted to stay with his wife and newborn son.

A gifted man, Paul continued to pursue spiritual matters and was advisor to Anjenetta Grampion until the Bayou Cannibals murdered him in the Bayou

Later, Master Darque re–animated Paul’s corpse and placed him inside his crypt in the St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery, where Shadowman, Devon, and his wife, Emilie N’Dour found him.

Confused by his condition, Paul fled the cemetery with Emilie, and when Shadowman tried to stop him, he demonstrated greater than human strength that aided him in his escape.

Shortly thereafter, Paul, who could not end his own life, sought out Jack and begged him to kill him in exchange for telling him everything about Master Darque’s plan for the Death Runners. After Paul told Jack everything he knew, he poured a canister of gasoline over himself that Jack lit with a torch. While watching as Paul burned to ashes, Jack mused that he was a good man, and that neither death nor Darque’s power could change that.