Phillip the II of France
Full Name:

Philippe Auguste


King of France



Date of Birth:

21 August 1165

Date of Death:

14 July 1223

Place of Birth:

Gonesse, France

Known Relatives:
  • Adèle of Champagne (mother)
  • Agnes of Merania (wife)
  • Ingeborg of Denmark (wife)
  • Isabella of Hainaut (wife)
  • Louis VII (father)

Sacré Bleau... za fat fool has ruined all my plans!

Phillip II of France finds his ploy against Richard Coeur De Leon, the King of England, ruined after Aram Anni-Padda, the immortal Armstrong, destroys a sacred Mosque while fleeing from Brother Nicholas and the Knights Templar, who believe he is a demon that impregnated Phoebe, a spy in Phillip’s employ that cultivated a false image as a virginal saint.

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