Project Hope and Glory

Project Hope and Glory


Hideyoshi Iwatsu


Genetic Manipulation Process



During a raid of a German genetic laboratory in Norway in April of 1945, the British Army recovers research material that pertains to the Nazi Schwarz Tod “Para–Human” program, which ends the Axis threat.

In March of 1960, following the Eastern revival of the Nazi program by an Axis ally code–named Rising Spirit, the HMS initiates their own Para–Human project called “Hope and Glory”.

The initial test subjects of the program are Captain Jonathan King and his wife Catherine, but Jonathan forbids any testing on his son and the results remain unknown for decades.

In January of 1965, HMS reactivates project Hope and Glory using Colonel Neville Alcott and his wife Jessica as their new test subjects, but when the results of the test on their daughter remain inconclusive, the HMS terminates project Hope & Glory.

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