Project Lazarus

Project Lazarus


Domestic Operations Authority


Frederick J. Stroheim


Birthplace of Bloodshot

Project Lazarus is God made superfluous by scientific necromancy and biology reinterpreted as engineering, the compromises of evolution design flaws to be changed.

Subject: Raymond Garrison

Six months after Raymond Garrison, an agent of the Domestic Operations Authority, was murdered, Frederick J. Stroheim employed Project Lazarus to bring him back from the death.

While the instrumentality required to perform Raymond’s resurrection achieved maturity, Stroheim kept his body in suspended animation, and once he thawed him out, he flooded him with ten billion molecular nano machines tinier than viruses that not jus repaired his ruined tissue and shattered bone, but improved it.

While the project recoded and optimized Raymond’s DNA, enhanced his metabolic efficiency, and altered his physiological structure to enhance his strength and durability, it also installed a cybernetic interface that enabled him to communicate in binary.

Total cerebral reconstruction eliminated Raymond’s corpus callosum and hemisphere division, and as well as suppressed his limbic system. Finally, the project accelerated the speed of Raymond’s neural processing and exponentially increased his memory capacity.

Once the process was completed, Stroheim kept Raymond in a regeneration tank filled with neo-amniotic fluid that he kept at 96.6 degrees Fahrenheit and saturated with metabocatalytic enzyme, while an umbilical cord sustained his body.

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