R.L. McNeeley
Full Name:

R.L. McNeeley






To Brings People’s Memories to Life.

A drifter, RL met Jack Boniface somewhere outside Lincoln, Nebraska. When RL sat on Jack’s bike and made physical contact with him, he conjured an apparition of Elya flying overhead on her pterosaur. Seeing Elya shocked Jack, who lost his balance and fell off the bike along with RL, who let go of him, and soon as RL stopped touching Jack, Elya vanished.

Shortly, Jack and RL went into a dinner, where RL explained that if he touched something living, memories came to life for awhile just like they were there, and that not only could those he touched see them but so could everyone else at least as long as he was there.

That night, RL accompanied Jack to a bar where he performed a set with the house band. While Jack played on stage, RL used his ability to conjure up the image of a cheating woman’s husband, who burst into the bar looking for her and instigated a brawl when he punched the man she was with.

During the brawl, one of the men in the bar punched RL through the front window and he fell right into a couple of cops. Using his ability, RL escaped, but then Jack pulled him into an alley and they rode away on his bike. After making their gateway, RL told Jack to take him to Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska.

Once in Carhenge, RL used his ability to probe the prairie’s most vivid memories and conjured an apparition of Wild Bill Hickock and Crazy Horse, the former of whom shot Jack while the latter refused to fight him. RL then conjured up an apparition of Jack himself at his request, as he desired to know who would show up, Jack or Shadowman. The resulting apparition, a cannibalistic reflection of Shadowman, tried to drain Jack’s soul, and during the during the fight, Jack removed the monster’s mask and was shocked to see that he did not have a face. Just then, the police arrived, so RL created an apparition of a wholly mammoth stampede to distract them while he and Jack fled on the bike.