Rampage (on right)
Full Name:


Known Relatives:

Nanite-Enhanced Blood (See Blood of Heroes

After Bloodshot spent years suppressing their programming from the moment that Geoff McHenry freed him from Project Rising Spirit, the nanites in his veins create Rampage as the living embodiment of their purpose, a facet of his rebirth that Bloodshot had suppressed.

A negative of Bloodshot in appearance whose primary objective is to destroy Bloodshot, Rampage and Bloodshot battle several times before Bloodshot successfully destroys his doppelganger.

Devil Inside

After Bloodshot threw off his original programming with an assist from Colin King, the nanites in his blood began to duplicate, and during that time Bloodshot lost control and became mindlessly violent and ingesting a variety of nutrients and chemicals. Once he attained a sufficient mass, the nanites literally grew a second body that physically split from Bloodshot and left him frail and weak. This new being took the name "Rampage" and set out to execute the original programming encoded on the nanites.

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