Richard Cole
Full Name:

Richard Cole, Sr.




Lieutenant. New York Police Department



Known Relatives:


When Bruno Mortalli, the father of Angelo Mortalli, agrees to turn state’s evidence in exchange for immunity from legal prosecution, Richard Cole is assigned to guard him alongside his son, Richard Jr.

During an assassination attempt against Bruno led by Angelo, Richard Junior dies and Bruno escapes. That day, Richard Cole swears revenge on Bruno and to find the man responsible killing his son.

Last Stand

When Richard and Bloodshot met and worked together, it forced Bruno to resurface again.

During their investigation, Richard discovered that his friend, Harold Glenn, had been aware of the hit on Bruno and warned him. Eventually, men working for Benito Carboni took Glenn hostage killed him after they burned his eyes from their sockets, Carboni's personal signature for revenge.

Richard witnessed a battle between Bruno and Bloodshot in which both men fell off into the freezing water below the Williamsburg Bridge.

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