Rolf Dacia
Full Name:

Rolf Dacia


Visigoth Blacksmith



Date of Death:

April 13th 399 A.D.

Known Relatives:

"This is honest steel, boy."

Rolf Dacia, a master blacksmith, is the father of Aric Dacia, a 5th Century Visigoth lost in the modern age. After the Visigoth overthrow of the decaying Roman Empire, Marcus, a Roman Centurion, slays Rolf and his wife, Inga Dacia before their son’s eyes. Drenched is his parent’s blood, Aric picks up his father’s blade and vows to kill every Roman pig, starting with Marcus.


On August 13th 399 AD in a region of Southern Europe in the providence of Dacia inhabited by Visigoths, Rolf Dacia showed off a new sword to his young son, Aric Dacia, who expressed his belief that its magnificence was the reason others in the village looked up to his father. As Rolf told Aric that others preferred to steal their weapons from the Roman pigs while he learned the art of sword-making so their people would not be reliant on stolen plunder, he held the blade in his hands and said that he made it for his uncle Alaric, the King of the Visigoths. When Rolf promised him that when he reached manhood he would make a blade for him, Aric told him that he would be a great warrior and make him proud. Suddenly, a distant cry for help from Inga roused their attention.

As Rolf and Aric came out of the blacksmith tent, they witnessed as legions of Roman Centurions wantonly slaughtered their brethren. Hurrying home, Aric and Dacia ran inside just as Marcus and his cohort were raping Inga. When Rolf ordered the Centurions to let his wife go, Marcus slid Inga’s throat with his sword to Aric’s dismay. Enraged, Rolf ripped Marcus’ cohort apart and urged Aric to flee to the forest, but the young Visigoth refused to leave his father and witnessed as Marcus beheaded him. Filled with rage, Aric skewered Marcus with his father’s blade, and as his body fell, he swore to kill all Roman pigs.

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