Full Name:


  • Loa of Death
  • Samedi

Serial Killer



Known Relatives:

The Bayou Cannibals


The hidden places… they never want you to see… the hidden places where the beauty is… inside… crimson beauty and the flavor…

Samedi is a knife-wielding serial killer who stalks the city of New Orleans to kill innocent women. Samedi is a member of the Bayou Cannibals, a family of rednecks that live in the bayou who kidnap and torment any innocent man or woman that gets lost in it.


Something mysterious happened to Jack Boniface after dark. Was it a super adrenaline rush?, A terminal sickness?, Or one hell of a mean streak? A well-intentioned and vulnerable human being, in the absence of daylight, Jack Boniface became something very scary.

Spirits Within


On the evening of March 2nd 1992, Samedi feasted on the innards of his victim in an alley off Le Vieux Carré in New Orleans’ French Quarter, when Jack Boniface, a jazz player who the Coven, a group of practitioners of the mystic arts, endowed with the Darque Power, lunged at him.

Ravenous, Samedi attacked Jack with his knives to cut off his eyeballs, but he stopped him and destroyed his blades. Terrified, Samedi ran without warning, and when Jack followed him, his unseen associate shot at him with a shotgun and helped him escape in a car that roared away.

Spirits Within

For weeks, Samedi continued his murder spree and painted the city with graffiti messages for Jack Boniface that said he had a new blade.

On the night of March 21st 1992 in the bayou, a consecrated place of magic and mystery, Samedi stood in the swamp with a giant ax he got for Jack, who showed up garbed in a Shadowman uniform that his housekeeper, Anjenetta Grampion, made for him.

With clenched teeth, Samedi told Jack that their encounter would not be easy for him and that he was ready to finish what they started and finish him, then he swung his ax at Jack’s head, but Jack moved aside and disarmed him. Certain that he did not need an ax to finish Jack, Samedi punched him in the face and tossed him under the water to drown him, but Jack unexpectedly rose up from the swamp and relentlessly pummeled him until he lost consciousness and fell at his feet.

Jack subsequently contacted the police anonymously and they arrested Samedi for his crimes.