Full Name:


  • Drummer (former)
  • Investment Counselor (current)


Known Relatives:
  • Barbara (wife)
  • Two unnamed daughters

Death Runners

Scott is a friend and confident of Jack Boniface, the dark-vested hero Shadowman. In his younger days, Scott was a drummer and a Dead Head, a fan of the Grateful Dead.


Something mysterious happened to Jack Boniface after dark. Was it a super adrenaline rush?, A terminal sickness?, Or one hell of a mean streak? A well-intentioned and vulnerable human being, in the absence of daylight, Jack Boniface became something very scary.

Spirits Within

Two weeks after Lydia, a bio-engineered Spider Alien warrior, bit Jack Boniface, he called Scott to talk with someone sane before he went crazy.

That night, Scott and Jack met in Casey's, a strip bar where Jack played regularly, and Jack asked Scott if he believed in demons. As Scott chastised Jack for hauling him out of bed at one in the morning to find out whether he was superstitious, he told him to try the real world for a change. When Jack said that he could no longer seem to find the real world and that as strange things happened to him he felt that he had changed, Scott told him that he was paranoid, obsessive, demanding, and slightly insane and had not changed at all.

Disappointed, Jack tossed a stripper’s bra at his face and coldly thanked him. Sarcastically, Scott told Jack that what he needed was more fiber in his diet, and then went back home.

The next day, in La Café Petite in Canal Street, Scott and Jack read on the newspaper that a vigilante’s tip led the police to the bayou and the capture of Samedi, a knife-wielding serial killer who stalked the city of New Orleans to kill innocent women. When Scott commented that a masked vigilante was doing the police department’s job for them, Jack told him that the police were doing their job and Shadowman was doing his.

When Jack added that Shadowman’s job was a completely different ballgame, Scott told him that he seemed to have many opinions on him and asked him how much he knew about Shadowman, to which Jack replied that he did not know much about him at all just yet.

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