Sigmund Heydrich
Full Name:

Sigmund Heydrich


Director of HARD Corps Operations



Known Relatives:

Unnamed Wife





Sigmund Heydrich serves as director of HARD Corps operations for Omen Enterprises. Sigmund gives the HARD Corps members their missions and determines when to terminate rogue or missing field agents to keep the HARD Corps technology from falling into enemy hands. The members of the Corps often questions his decisions and motives, and many of them have their doubts about him.

With Sigmund’s guidance, Omen polls vast sums of money and technical resources for the HARD Corps project. Sigmund instructs the HARD Corps to penetrate the Harbinger Foundation and use a device he supplies them to steal the brainwaves of Toyo Harada. Their mission successful, Heydrich is in possession of the millions of subtle frequencies and modulations that form the source of Harada’s Omega Harbinger power. Sigmund has his top scientists working day and night analyzing the data for reasons that might not have been in the best interest of either Omen or the HARD Corps.

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