Sister Serenity
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Sister Serenity is a mercenary who adopts the terminology of the Roman Catholic Church for her profession (i.e., targets are "excommunicated," instead of "terminated"). Serenity and her boys are responsible for the execution of mobster Anthony Scalia and his family in Connecticut. In all, they executed thirty-eight people.

Under contract to Crescendo, Serenity and her boys raid an Orb Industries mixer, parachuting down onto the rooftop party. While Randy Cartier battles the mercenaries, Aric Dacia armors up to fight the party crashers, but Serenity's boys blast him with powerful energy beams that blast him away from the party.

In the chaos, Ken Clarkson tries to escape, but Serenity and her men capture him. As Serenity covers Ken’s head with a hood, she assures him that she is not under contract to "excommunicate" him.

Serenity resurfaces after Webnet hires her to "excommunicate" Aaron Herkovitch, a man who knows Webnet secrets and wants to ease his guilty conscious before he passes away. During the mission Colin King slaughters Serenity's boys.

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