Skull Dome

Skull Dome


The Headlands of Japan



Key Structures:

Grandmother’s Brain Stem




Grandmother’s Abode

Situated in the headlands of Japan, the Skull Dome is where the source of the freewill consciousness of Grandmother, the freewill caretaker of Japan, is located.


After an alien carcino–pod infected Grandmother with a technotumor that destroyed her intellect, she created a colossus to escape the pain, but in the chaos, Tohru Nakadai, the 42nd Rai, severed one of her arms that controlled the analogous region of the host body.

When the aliens invaded, Grandmother sat in a command harness that compensated for her loss and allowed her to raise the island into the atmosphere in the form of a Komodo Dragon.

When aliens breached the dome, an alien’s random energy blast damaged Grandmother, while an alien ship destroyed her mouth gun and left her with only her gun follicles to defend herself.

After Phil Seleski, the legendary hero known as Solar converted the energy in the gun’s power conduits into plasma he vaporized half the fleet and then destroyed himself and the remaining ships in a supernova that Grandmother witnessed from the Skull Dome and said signaled the passing of an age.

Days later, Grand One, the rechristened Grandmother, informed her citizens that the damage to the host body prevented them from returning to Earth, while the loss of her industrial limb limited her ability to rebuild. After she stabilized Japan in orbit and provided gravity simulation and auto systems for all basic needs, Grand One bowed to the movement to reassert human control over human affairs and left the people to choose whether to remain there or rebuild on Earth.


After the exodus, the Skull Dome became a monument to the computer that once ran all of Japan and a tourist attraction for those who flocked to see her dead brain stem out of hope and hatred.


When Japan fell into the Indian Ocean after the God-like entity called Mothergod pushed it off orbit, the impact destroyed the Skull Dome.

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