Song For The Dead

Song For The Dead


Jack Boniface


Song Lyrics

I am the man of shadow We come, the baron man and me.

We drive the bad men out of this island So honest people can run free.

Beware the drug man devils As they try to steal your soul

Beware the drug–men devils And the poison that they hold

We strike down, the bad men one, two, three Bone–man, the Baron, Voodoo women, and me

She dances Her eyes dance Her hands Her mouth Her lips Join her dance

The Baron, he diggin’ in a cold, dark place He can’t be a–sweating ‘cause he got no face.

Behind guarded doors, the Voodoo, it start! Dark magic enter Cortinas’ heart

Don’t come to the island to steal and kill. If the magic don’t get you, the Shadowman will

You coming here Playing like you bad–men You lose your mind The island make you madmen

Beneath d’skin There lie d’bone,

But d’skin of d’baron exist all alone

It wrap all round you so you wheeze and moan

Suck our your life – leave you dead as stone

I am the shadow I enter the nighttime of your soul like a velvet knife

D’bad men come, d’bad they go; the island still here, d’wind still blow. Carryin’ us back to our N’awlings home Carryin’ us back.

The old be young – the dead be live on Ebner Island, where the Voodoo thrive.

A Song For The Dead.


Jack Boniface, Nov. 15, 1994

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