Takao Konishi
Full Name:

Takao Konishi


43rd Rai


Resistance fighter



Date of Death:

July 3rd, 4003

Place of Birth:


Known Relatives:

Obadiah Konishi (son)


Harbinger ability to inspire people


The Blood of Heroes grants Takao enhanced strength, hearing, sight, fighting skills, and healing ability, in addition to Angelo Mortalli’s Harbinger ability to control machines.


"Hrai! Hail Rai!'"

To combat the menace of the Malev Empire following the fall of Japan, Takao Konishi injects himself with the Blood of Heroes that once cursed through the veins of Angelo Mortalli, the 20th Century hero known as Bloodshot. Armed with the knowledge and abilities stored within the nanites, as well as his Harbinger ability to inspire others, Takao gathers The Future Force.

The Malev War

Once the Malev Empire secured North Am’s Mainbrain, they saw the bruised and battered Japan as easy pickings and attacked, but they soon found that it was not without its defenders, foremost of who was Takao Konishi, who united the people to abandon their country and help unite the world in the struggle against them.

The Last Rai


Takao Konishi.

On April 10th 4002, Takao Konishi followed Rokland Tate into the Japan crash site to search for the hidden vault where Grandmother hid the Blood of Heroes. While Rokland urged him to be strong, as no matter how bad Japan’s situation seemed, there were darker times ahead for the Earth, Takao doubted that he knew where the chamber was, but Rokland assured him that the walls told him where it was.

A day later, when they reached the chamber, Rokland told Takao to slice open his wrists to decrease the volume of his blood so that the pressure would not rupture his arteries after he injected himself with the blood. Though Takao initially hesitated, he trusted Rokland and bravely sliced his wrists.

After Rokland placed the container that held the blood over Takao’s chest and injected him with it, within minutes, the blood healed his wrists and Takao heard it speak. When Takao asked Rokland what he had become, the Geomancer told him that he was the last Rai, the protector of the future.




Obadiah Konishi (as Rai)


Deceased (July 3rd, 4003)

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