Tashi Khatun
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Tashi Khatun






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"For the Geomancers that will follow and learn from this book, I leave the following message.

Do not be fooled by what is seen. Eyes and minds are meant to be deceive.

Go beyond them both. The inner truth and beauty of all things lies within.

For in the end, are we not just empty shells?"

Tashi Khatun is a Geomancer who had a remarkable partnership with Gilad Anni-Padda.

When difficulties prevented Tashi from leaving his home in Ladakh to find a successor, he created a Tulpa, an energy duplicate of mystical origin in an attempt to prevent the challenges of an untrained successor. Khatun's Tulpa was full of pride and, after his escape, he swore that it would destroy the Geomancers. Eventually, Clay McHenry and Gilad defeated the Tulpa.

Aware that he would die before he could pass his gift, Tashi wrote a journal of his knowledge and the lore of Geomancers that the temple monks entrusted to Gilad after Tashi's death

Many years later, Master Darque learned that Khatun died without passing his title directly, and certain that he could wrest the secrets of Geomancy from the dead man’s bones, he invaded the monastery and slaughtered those present. Hwen Mirage and his wife Carmen Ruiz prevented Darque from obtaining his aim and scattered Khatun’s ashes across the mountains.

The Geomancers’ Line of Succession


12th Century AD


Kozo Tokimasa



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