Terry Smalls
Terry Smalls
Full Name:

Terry Smalls

  • President of REACH
  • Ordained Minister
Known Relatives:

Wayne Smalls (father)



Terry Smalls was eight years old when he found himself under a table watching Freedom Mandela look up like a girl scout caught in the rain. Terry was the son of Wayne Smalls, and while you’d think that Wayne would not have kicked the door in the way he did knowing his kid was in there, well, nobody said urban legends didn’t have plot holes.

While Mayor Bob was being sworn in downtown, Terry succeeded him as president of REACH, a non-profit political action group. He was the hand-picked successor to the former and most beloved President Bob, whom Smalls had, in the very model of gross reciprocity, endorsed for mayor.

During Terry’s speech, his father, the urban legend himself, was shot to death in Los Angeles, trying with the last of his strength to get a dirty needle into his arms.

Of course, Wayne Smalls wasn’t supposed to be in Los Angeles. He wasn’t even supposed to be in the United States.

According to the urban legend, Wayne Smalls had fled the country after an exhaustive police manhunt, and retired to Algiers. Only two people on the planet knew that to be a lie -- Terry Smalls and Mayor Bob.

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