The Bayou

The Bayou


New Orleans, Louisiana

Official Language:

English, Creole


The bayou is a place of magic and mystery that has been of great importance in the life of Jack Boniface, the dark-vested hero known as Shadowman.

Many events in Shadowman's life have taken place in the waters of the bayou:

  • Early in his career, Shadowman defeated Samedi, a knife-wielding serial killer who stalks the city of New Orleans to kill innocent women that considers the bayou a consecrated land.
  • At the behest of Paul N’Dour, a spiritual advisor and failed Geomancer apprentice, Shadowman crosses a doorway into the Lost Land, a cosmic anomaly in a pocket of reality outside of the normal flow of time where time moves in a loop, hidden in a giant cypress tree deep in the Bayou to take part in the Unity conflict.
  • Master Darque, a 19th Century Necromancer, holds the Meeting in the Air, a gathering of hundreds of individual made up of doctors, lawyers, scholars, artists, and best minds in New Orleans whom willingly sacrifice themselves to empower him so he may use their life force to sustain his power for months, even years, deep in the bayou.

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