The Force


Edward Brisbane


Gilad Anni-Padda

The Force is a group that Edward Brisbane creates to help Gilad Anni-Padda in his quest to prevent the downfall of late 20th Century society. Its members include:

  • Erlik; An ex-KGB officer who Gilad faced in battle in Groznia
  • Shoshona Levy; An ex-Israeli commando whose unit was annihilated by friendly fire from the Israeli side
  • Maggie Flood; Used to work for the Irish Republican Army but left because she killed a fellow IRA member. Her specialty is bombs
  • Noruma Abaki; A South African Zulu warrior and superb hand-to-hand fighter
  • Sun Yo-Sen; A Chinese dissident and electronics expert who the United States government tried to return to China until Edward Brisbane intervened

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