The Outcast
Full Name:

The Outcast

Millions of years ago, an alien creature who hails from a culture that believes that one cannot walk on the legs of the past crash-lands on Earth as a result of his decision to push his craft well beyond its designed capabilities mixed poorly with his extreme distance from establishes travel lanes. Where he a lesser being, the creature mused, he would have regretted his choices, but he did not walk on the legs of the past.

Desperate to survive the injuries he sustains during the crash, the alien takes a floundering primate from a tar pit that would have been its grave and sows him with his encoded essence to hide his being in his genetic code in the hope that he can keep himself in stasis until he finds a solution to his injuries.

Aware that his dormant presence will have an effect on the creature and his offspring, a genetic push which impact he ignores, the alien is certain that the primate will use his gift wisely. Unbeknownst to the alien, who does not live to witness it, the primate bashes his body with his own energy staff and leaves him to rot.

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