The Place of Many Alike (Full Members Shown)
Base of Operations:








Its origin shrouded in mystery, the Place of Many Alike was founded by a religious order well before the 20th century to take in unwanted children, especially twins and triplets, to teach them how to become assassins.

While membership in the Place is highly secret, there are many whispers of blue-blooded members, including members of royalty and possibly even a few first ladies.


Novices with Stillettos (note the bangs)

The signature weapon of the Place is the stiletto, which members wear in their hair. The respective members’ hairstyle determines their rank, with novices wearing bangs they shorn after they "graduate" into the order.

While in high school, Bloodshot became romantically involved with Evie, one of the order’s members, and their union resulted in the birth of twin daughters who also became members of the Place of Many Alike. What became of the order has never been determined, and its members may still walk among us today.

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