Tilly Milton
Full Name:

Tilly Milton


Orb Industries Security, Acting Head

Known Relatives:

Scott Milton (husband)


Orb Industries

When Randy Cartier leaves for Canada to attend the funeral of Paul Bouvier, Tilly Milton and her husband, Scott, assume charge of the security branch of Orb Industries. After the discovery of a booby-trapped secret vault in one of Orb’s subsidiaries, Aric Dacia calls the Milton, and when they pressure him about its contents, he confesses that he has no idea what lays inside.

Upon their arrival at the subsidiary, the mercenary Krollos shoots Scott and kills him, but Tilly stays focused on her mission to protect Aric, who angrily orders that Krollos be placed under illegal house arrest despite her protests. During the Chaos Effect, Tilly goes to question Krollos only to discover that he has escaped during the power outage and confusion.

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